Frequently Asked Question


Digital apparel development is that first step of replacing physical samples with true-to-life digital twins that designers and brands can trust with a significant decrease in production time and cost.

Sampling allows consumers to try a product before buying it, which helps to familiarize them with that specific product when they’re trying to make a purchase decision. Digital products will give them an idea about that product without the need for physical samples, which take much time and cost to construct.

We are developing various types of apparel  (Except Washed Denim, lingerie, wedding dresses, fancy dresses, etc ). Please send us your reference design for more details.

Yes. We can make 3D apparel from images, sketches, mood boards, or any other reference.

Please contact us with your project. A web-based Cost Estimator will be available soon so that you can get an overview of the cost.

We will give you access once you connect with us.

Yes, you can. We have various lighting setups for rendering. We will send you the lighting image ref once you place the order. You can choose your lighting setup for more accurate rendering.  Check the lighting preset from the below link. We are constantly working on new lighting & environment development. Lots of lighting presets will be available once you start working with us.

Yes. You can. We have several posed presets ready to implement on most types of products. It’s cheaper and less time-consuming. We also developed the custom pose based on your reference. We are working on adding lots of high-quality poses preset to our workflow.

Once an order has been placed and the necessary files have been delivered we can no longer issue a refund under any circumstances. The reason for this is that we cannot guarantee the files will not be used after they are delivered. You can also check our refund policy.

Your work is safe with us, and all your work is kept confidential. If you are a brand we will be glad to sign NDA.

In general, we will deliver render images in PNG format but you can request them in other formats as well. Video files will be delivered in both MP4 and GIF formats.

Right now we do not offer manufacturing services but you can take all the necessary files from us that can’t be used in production. we will start our manufacturing service next year. 

That largely depends on what you ordered. delivery timeline will be mentioned in the Invoice.

We are highly experienced and trusted by many customers.

Yes. We can add a printing effect to the fabric. However, the effect type is still limited. Contact us for more details.

It depends on your requirements. In general, customers will receive jpg, png, PDF, MP4, PSD, AI, image sequence, OBJ, FBX, etc.